Q: Can I really take my own impressions?

A: YES....It is so simple and complete instructions are sent to every customer. The putty is not like the impressions at a dental office. You will simply blend the 2 parts and place it in the tray. Once it's in your mouth it takes two minutes to set.... No flavor or runny texture. You can also check out the "How to" video on Facebook.  https://www.facebook.com/pg/greatgrinswi/videos/

Q: What if my impression doesn't work.?

A: It doesn't happen often but if it does,  call or text us at 262-822-1323 or email us at greatgrins@outlook.com, we will gladly get you some new impression material right away, there will not be an additional charge. Make sure to leave your name if you call or text!

Q: How long does the process take?

A: Once you place your order, we ship your impression kit within 24 hours. You will take your impressions and return to us using your return postage paid label. Once it is received at the lab we fabricate and ship your order in 3-5 business days. 

Q: Can your lab use one impression for more than one dental appliance?

A: Yes, for example if you want a night guard and whitening trays; you will take both an upper and lower impression. The lab will use the upper and lower impressions for whitening trays and use the upper again for the night guard.  no need to take multiple impressions. 

Q: What is the difference between "custom mouth-guards" compared to "boil and bite?"

 A: Our mouth-guards are made on your self impression and will fit "your" mouth perfectly. It will fit on your upper arch and you will not need to clench your jaw to hold in place; they are very comfortable and will not fall out. We offer removable straps to use for football, these straps are light and flexible and can easily be removed to allow you to use your mouth-guard for multiple sports. (Removable strap must be ordered at the time of mouth-guard order, it cannot be added after fabrication.)

Q: How long will it take to get white teeth?

A: Everyone is different and has a their own expectation of the level of white they want, however the average would be about 25-30 treatments whether they are night or daytime sessions. Your kit contains both day and night gel. Once you have achieved the level of white you want, you will then do a few maintenance days every 6 months or so...  we call this touch up. Your kit contains enough gel for total whitening and several touch ups. 

Q: Will my teeth get sensitive from whitening? 

 A: It is very common to get sensitive teeth during the whitening days, however if your gums are sensitive or red you may be using too much gel. You want just enough gel to cover your teeth, wipe any excess off of your gums with your finger or Q-tip. If your teeth are too sensitive you can take a few days off from whitening. Try 3-4 days whitening and a day or two off, then back to whitening for a few days. You can also try using sensitive type toothpaste in your trays, do this by placing a small amount of  toothpaste in your trays and wear them overnight, this will help tremendously! Staying away from acidic foods while whitening may also help. 

Q: The whitening gel does not bubble is it still working?

A: Yes, the gel in our kits does not bubble like the gel I had years ago. I have also noticed it does not cause as much sensitivity as previously used gels. Oh... yes..... I whiten too, I love having a bright white smile!

Q: Should I order the soft or dual laminate night guard?

A: it depends on the amount of grinding you have. For people with just a light amount of grinding (bruxing) you can use the soft night guard. However if you are grinding (bruxing) hard and having a lot of headaches you should consider the dual laminate. It is soft inside along your teeth but hard on the grinding surface. Wires are not used in either type, both types are soft on the inside and form to your teeth, no need for wires, even more comfortable!

Q: What is the difference between "Essix" and "Essix Plus"

A:  Both work well to retain your teeth in position. In the orthodontic industry "plus" is considered more durable and stain resistant.