Essix Plus Retainers, Set (4) Upper and Lower

Essix Plus Retainers, Set (4) Upper and Lower

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Are you always misplacing retainers?

Upper and Lower set of 4 Essix Plus Dental Grade Retainers will give you a few to spare!

Custom fit, clear retainers using Essix Plus material. Plus material is considered in the orthodontic industry to be a more durable and stain resistant material. 

The materials used for this product is high quality BPA- and latex free, nontoxic, allergy and child-friendly, dental grade, ADA approved and manufactured in the USA 

You will receive a kit for an at home impression, kit will ship within 24 hours.  Take your easy to do impression, return to Great Grins lab using the prepaid return postage label included. 

Appliances will be fabricated and shipped within 2 business days. 

Price includes free shipping all ways.

Same appliances your doctor orders from our lab at a fraction of the cost without an appointment!


Priced as a set of 3 with the 4th set FREE!